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Threads of History

THREADS OF HISTORY (Student Edition)

A Thematic Approach to Our Nation's Story for AP* U.S. History

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Threads utilizes a unique approach to deepen student comprehension of content, context, and the complexity of historical themes. The new Second Edition is updated for the revised 2015 AP U.S. History course and exam.

The Student Edition

The SE consists of 35 core lessons, each focusing on a major topic or theme in the AP* U.S. History curriculum. Each lesson contains:

  • An Introduction to establish historical context for the topic/theme
  • Data Charts that help students synthesize historical data on the topic/theme of the lesson
  • Multiple-Choice Questions to test comprehension of the data chart
  • Primary Source Documents, including document excerpts, maps, political cartoons, and photographs, that correspond to the topic/theme
  • Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer Questions about the primary source (in the new exam format) to develop analysis and evaluation skills

Download the sample to get a closer look!

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The appendix includes Distribution Charts that align the content of Threads of History to:

  • The 11 major chronological periods of the AP* U.S. History curriculum
  • The new Learning Objectives released by the College Board
  • The Historical Thinking Skills outlined in the APUSH course framework
  • The Common Core State Standards for History/Social Studies for Grades 11-12

Worksheets, answer keys, and short-answer response copy-masters are also included!

The Teacher Edition

Threads of History, 2nd Ed. Teacher Edition

Please note that the TE contains additional resources and does not contain the content found in the Student Edition.

The Teacher Edition of Threads of History contains additional resources to enhance and extended the activities found in the Student Edition, including:

  • 10 detailed Lesson Plans, based on topics/themes introduced in 10 of the Review Activities, guide you to use Threads to its full potential; designed to be completed in a 50 minute class period
  • Distribution Charts to help you integrate Threads into your existing curriculum and design custom quizzes and assignments
  • Complete answers and explanations for the Source Activities
  • Suggested responses for the 17 Long Essay Questions and 3 Document-Based Questions
  • Rubrics and rubric helpers that Mike has presented in workshops across the country

Praise for the Second Edition

"Dr. Henry's newest version of Threads not only maintains the 'old' version's high standards, but goes to a new level by incorporating the changes to the AP U.S. History curriculum and national exam. As I've noted before, I think Threads is — and will remain — a great resource for students looking to prepare for class discussion, in-class assessments, and/or the national exam."

Karl Yergey, St. James School, Hagerstown, MD

"When my students arrived back to my classroom after the exam, they raved about how Threads of History had made all the difference for them. They were SO confident! Threads really is revolutionary for AP U.S. History teachers."

Connie Hines, Wiregrass Ranch High School, Wesley Chapel, FL

About the Author

Author Michael Henry, Ph.D.

Michael Henry, Ph.D., served as the Exam Leader at the AP U.S. History exam reading in Louisville for 8 years, in addition to his many years as Reader and Table Leader. Dr. Henry taught AP U.S. History for over twenty years in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and has written 4 books, 6 teacher’s guides, and twenty articles.He has given dozens of professional presentations and workshops across the country and has served as a consultant to the College Board. Currently, he is serving as adjunct professor of history at Prince George’s Community College and is a member of the Organization of American Historians. He lives in College Park, MD with his wife Ann and is a die-hard fan of the Washington Nationals.