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Mastering the Essay - AP Euro Combo


Mastering the Essay - Print Combo

Advanced Writing and Historical Thinking Skills for AP* European History


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AP European History
Description and Overview 
Mastering the Essay

for AP* European History

Mastering the Essay is specifically created as an AP* History supplement, focused on building college-level essay-writing skills through a proven step-by-step writing process. The AP* European History Edition utilizes practice exercises that directly respond to the newly redesigned College Board recommended AP European History course outline to prepare students for the 2016 AP European History exam.

Two Parts

Instructional Handbook

The Mastering the Essay handbook is divided into units that parallel the writing process, so students learn to write excellent essays by building their writing skills one step at a time—from thesis to the closing paragraph.

Exercise Workbook

Each unit in the handbook is accompanied by practice exercises that span the entire content of AP European History, with context and critical thinking skills as the primary focus, reflecting the redesign for the 2016 exam.

Four Formats

Print Edition

Both the instructional handbook and exercise workbook as printed texts.

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Digital Edition

The full MTE program in digital format, for IOS, Android, and the web.

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Print/Digital Combo

The instructional handbook as a printed text, paired with the digital edition of exercises.

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Multi-Year Subscription

The instructional handbook as a printed text, along with consumable exercise workbooks that get updated annually.

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Complete Coverage

No matter what content you happen to be teaching, Mastering the Essay for AP* European History has a writing exercise for your students—regardless of their current skill level.

  • Need to teach your students to develop good thesis statements within your Renaissance unit? Mastering the Essay has you covered.
  • Are your students ready for body-paragraphs in that same unit? Mastering the Essay has you covered.
  • Maybe you need students to learn thesis-writing skills within your Enlightenment unit—Mastering the Essay has you covered again!

All exercises are aligned to the Chronological Periods
and Key Concepts of the new AP Euro course framework!

In-Depth Instruction

  • Comparison, Causation, Change and Continuity Over Time (CCOT), and Periodization exercises for all levels of the writing process
  • A guide to effective question analysis
  • Instruction and practice for choosing and organizing supporting evidence for Long Essay Questions (LEQs)
  • A simple 3-step approach to document analysis, along with dozens of practice Document-Based Questions (DBQs)
  • Guided Practice exercises in the handbook component that walk students through each type of exercise found in the workbook
  • Exam preparedness tips, including an approach to effective time-management

Download a sample to get a closer look!

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From the Author

What’s the biggest challenge faced by your AP European History students this year? As they begin to master the content, you will find that writing clear, direct, persuasive essays is their biggest challenge—and the most important skill for them to master. Our biggest challenge, as teachers of AP European History, is trying to help them develop their essay writing skills without sacrificing valuable time needed for content instruction. That’s where Mastering the Essay comes in.

Mastering the Essay was designed to help students learn to write clear, direct, persuasive essays in the context of their AP European History course. That means, as their teacher, you can teach writing skills AND content within the same class period. Impossible, you say? Check out the table of contents in the downloadable sample. No matter what content you happen to be teaching, Mastering the Essay has a writing exercise for your students—regardless of their current skill-level.

Mastering the Essay aims to change the way we teach writing skills within our AP European History classes, and Sherpa Learning aims to change how educational resources are developed. We want to provide resources that help you to help your students without adding more hours to your already overloaded work schedule, AND we want those resources to reflect your needs by involving you at every step along the way. Join our team to help us develop and test exciting, new content!


Tony Maccarella

About the Author

Author Tony Maccarella

Tony Maccarella taught AP European History at Parsippany Hills High School in Parsippany, NJ for over a decade. Prior to teaching at Parsippany Hills, he taught at Egg Harbor Township High School and Dunellen Senior High School. Tony has been teaching social studies since 1982, and besides European History, he has taught World History, AP US History, Comparative Governments, Anthropology, Psychology, Economics and Military History.

Since 2002, Tony has served as a Reader and Table Leader for the AP European History exam. He is responsible for scoring AP European History exam questions, supervising other readers, and assisting with the clarification of scoring standards.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from St. Joseph’s University and a Masters in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University. In 1988, Tony was a New Jersey Governor’s School teacher-scholar, and in 1990, he was awarded the New Jersey Governor’s Teacher Grant for his “History in the News” activity, a writing skills program that employs the journalistic process in the history classroom.

Tony is an avid traveler. He has bicycled across the United States, studied in China, and traveled through Italy with students from seven different European History classes. When he is not writing or traveling, Tony likes to build things, including a 1968 Camaro, a kitchen, several desktop computers, and a portable aluminum decking system trademarked as the Porta-Deck.