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AP U.S. History - Modified DBQs

2020 Exam Resources

for AP U.S. History

To help you better prepare for the streamlined 2020 AP U.S. History exam, Mike Henry has modified two of the DBQs from Threads of History to align with the 2020 format. Those DBQs are provided below as PDF and PowerPoint files. The PowerPoints are intended for "virtual in-class" use. In the 3rd Edition of Threads of History, DBQ #1 deals with Period 1 content, which is not covered on the 2020 exam, and so that question was not included here.

Please feel free to send any additional questions to us at hello@sherpalearning.com.

Modified Practice DBQ Essay Prompts

Modified DBQ #2

Women’s Rights, 1848–1872

Period 5: 1844-1877

Modified DBQ #3

The Changing Role of Government, 1890–1912

Period 7: 1890-1945

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Period Review Summaries

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Visual Source Exercises

A collection of image-based practice exercises, featuring maps, cartoons, and other visual sources you might encounter on the DBQ.

Worksheet Templates

Printer-friendly, blank worksheets for analyzing documents, planning DBQ responses, and more.